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Mon 20 Aug 2018

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Zinsky, now in his early thirties, has continued with his non-conformist lifestyle and this continues to be reflected in his urban art.  Very much wanting to avoid the limelight, he has now moved to Barcelona and spends a good deal of time traveling around the various European capitals, learning, observing and subsequently being inspired by the art, architecture and culture he comes across.

Although he has never had an art lesson in his life, he has the ability to capture the moment, a skill that all artists aspire to, yet rarely achieve as successfully and easily as Zinsky does.  He refuses to pencil outline his subject, instead preferring to paint directly from his imagination to the canvas.

During recent years his works have been managed by a long time friend and the prices of his paintings have continued to climb and now sell for several thousand pounds.  A recent exhibition sold sixty of his works in just four days.  Last year his work was spotted by one of the UK’s largest art groups and his paintings are to feature in a stand-alone exhibition at their flagship Mayfair gallery next year.  Zinsky’s work is very much in the style of Mitch Griffiths’ early work and he surely has the talent and drive to reach the same heights and level of notoriety that Griffiths has in recent years.

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David Bowie Original Painting
Oil on Canvas
32"x26", SOLD

Elton John Original Painting
Oil on Canvas
32"x26", £POA

Scarlette Johansson
Oil on Canvas
36x26, £POA