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Mon 23 Oct 2017

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Tamor Kriwaczek

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Tamor Kriwaczek – Born 1972 England

When Picasso first dissected art into its component parts in 1907 it triggered a thread of creative discovery that continued throughout this century, leading from cubism all the way to conceptual art.

Tamor Kriwaczek has risen to the challenge combining these ideas and styles in his work. The power of paint, composition, colours and styles all combine to create a fresh view. The result is powerful art everyone can understand, producing paintings of people and more recently powerful landscapes using paint to describe their character.

Exhibitions: McNeill Fine Art Gallery Radlett
    Centaur Gallery Highgate London
        Affordable Art Fair- Battersea London
            Century Gallery - New York

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The Kiss
Oil on canvas
40"x30", £895

Oil on canvas
30"x40", £895

Morning Landscape
Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas
36"x24", £695

Dance of Light
Oil on canvas
36"x24", SOLD

The Secret
Oil on canvas
36"x24", £695

Stepping Through
Oil on canvas
36x24, £695

Standing Dancer
Oil on canvas
43"x30", £895

Blue Dress
Oil on canvas
24"x36", £895

Twisted Dancer
Oil on Canvas
31"x27", £695

Sweet Dreams
Oil on Canvas
36"x24", £795

Two Figures
Oil on Canvas
42"x30", SOLD

Fighting the Cloud
Oil on Canvas
30"x40", £595

Hampstead Heath Sky
Oil on Canvas
26"x44", £595