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Sun 30 Apr 2017

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Sue Macartney Snape

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Sue Macartney-Snape was born in Tanzania, brought up in Australia and now lives and paints in London. John Julius Norwich calls her a "master of caricature" and says her paintings "illustrate the English social scene more brilliantly and with greater accuracy than those of any other painter today.

For the past 7 years she has illustrated for the Telegraph Magazine 'Social Stereotypes' as well as produced a number of Books namely "Absolutely Typical Too," "The Party Blonde" and "The Embarrassing Parents."

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Cruising down
Sloane Street (in a Mini)

Signed Limited Edition Litho
14"x12", £75 as Framed

Yours (Mixed Doubles Tennis
Signed Limited Edition Litho
9x14, £75 as framed

Hopeless Case (Hairdresser
Signed Limited Edition Litho
9x14, £75

Single Handed (with G & T)
Signed Limited Edition Litho
8x12, £65 as framed

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