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Sat 22 Sep 2018

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Richard Plincke R.I.

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J. Richard Plincke: My approach to Painting: I have drawn and painted since childhood, encouraged later by inspired tuition at school. At present, I am concentrating on watercolour and mixed media, using gouache, acrylic and occasional swipes in oil pastel.

Work varies from semi- Impressionism at one end of the scale, exemplified perhaps by " Abandoned Chalk pit ", to more adventurous compositions at the other - such as paintings as Allotment and Dockyard.

In most of my current work, I derive ideas from my sketchbooks, which I often carry with me, especially when on holiday; using such sketches as a basis for paintings gives more freedom for adventurous treatment of tone and colour. I believe it is more important to " interpret " the wonderful visual world around us than to slavishly record the subject matter in all its detail.

Awards include:
Royal West of England Academy. - Federation of Canadian Artists ( A.I.M. Exhibition ) Vancouver. Debra Manifold Award R.I. London - Painter Stanierís Award, London

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Abstract II - Summer Exhibition 2017
Watercolour & Acrylic
15"x19" Framed, £595

Dr Hellblau's Allotment
Watercolour & Acrylic
18"x21", £695

Abandoned Chalk Pit
Watercolour & Acrylic
15"x19" Framed, £595

End of The Dockyard
Watercolour & Acrylic
17"x13" as framed, £650

Into the Unknown
Watercolour & Acrylic