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Fri 19 Jan 2018

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Richa Vora

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Richa Vora Born 1988 India

A professional artist originally from Kolhapur, India now living in London, UK. She loves expressing herself through painting and drawing, taking inspiration from the journey of her life.

Vora started drawing whilst at school in Kolhapur inspired by her schoolteacher who identified and fostered her natural artistic talent. This talent developed into painting as she grew in the natural green surrounds of lush Kolhapur forests and observed nature all around from clouds & mountains to trees & vegetation to rivers & ocean, learning to embrace the tiniest of details and wealth of textures in nature.

Richa expanded her applied arts degree experience into fine arts since graduating in 2007 and has grown her expressive practice to capture the soul and essence of an object, person or scene in her paintings taking inspiration from old masters. In this period, she has worked with renowned artist Sanjay Shelar and received guidance from Ajey Dalvi and Dasharath Sangaonka.

Her style has evolved over the years to become bolder and simpler and now in London her practice is developing further with exposure to global art and contemporary artistic thinking.

BA (Hons)

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Window Contemplation
Oil on Canvas
24"x24", £695

Oil on Canvas
26x23", £595

Oil on Canvas
31`x24", £795

Young Girl on a Chair
Oil on Canvas
24"x18", £695

Pink Lotus
Oil on Canvas
26"x30", £795

Beautifully Unaware
Oil on Canvas
24"x24", £595

Marigold Season
Oil onCanvas
16"x24", £595

Oil on Canvas
31x25, £795

Goat Herder
Oil on Canvas
30"x19", £SALE now 400

Oil on Canvas
20"x24", £595

Game of Shadow and Light
Oil on Canvas
24"x18", SOLD