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Sat 22 Sep 2018

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Oscar Whicheloe

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Oscar Whicheloe BA - Born 1977 -England Retro Portraits

In 2003 Oscar Whicheloe graduated from The Surrey Institute where he gained his degree in Fine Art. During this time Oscar developed a passion for the human form and has subsequently been exploring this interest for a number of years.

Observation of people has been the main focus for Oscar in his recent works. Whether sitting on a bench in busy Trafalgar Square or strolling along the more relaxed Southbank, Oscar finds himself constantly being drawn towards people. Using a snapshot, Oscar captures brief moments of peoples' activities and then translates into two different mediums Etchings and Oil Paintings.

The small-scale of the pieces draws the viewer in for closer inspection - much as we'd like to do when passing someone on the street, thinking in the back of our mind: Who are these people? What are they doing? Where are they going? What are they about?

Within this body of work Oscar has been influenced by artists such as Gerhard Richter, Stephen Conroy, Francis Bacon (Painting), Rembrandt and Lucian Freud (Etching).

Recent Biography

2008 Glasgow Art Fair
2007 Karen Taylor Contemporary Art, Middlesex.
2007 The Gallery, Dulwich, London.
2007 Royal Academy Summer Show, London.
2008 McNeill Fine Art Gallery

Commissions Taken, please enquire with the McNeill Gallery

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Blond Girl
Oil on Canvas Framed
12"x12" (30cmx30cm SOLD

Curly Hair
Oil on Canvas Framed
12"x12" (30cmx30cm, SOLD

Retro Style
Oil on Canvas Framed
12"x12" (30cmx30cm, £395

Michael Fish

Southbank 1 (Oil)
Oil on Canvas Framed
6"x6" (15cmx15cm, SOLD

Trafalger 5 (Music Man)
Oil on Canvas Framed
6"x6" (15cmx15cm, £395

Trafalger 6 (Forever Young)
Oil on Canvas Framed
6"x6" (15x15, £395

Picadilly 1 (Working Girl)
Oil on Canvas Framed
6"x6" (15x15cm, £395 framed

Dublin Girl
Oil on Canvas Framed
6"x6" (15x15cm, SOLD

Picadilly 3 (Foreign Student)
Oil on canvas Framed
6"x6" (15x15cm, £395 Framed

Watercolour Sketch for Paul Smith Socks
(The Oil Painting is presently exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Piccadilly)
17"x17", £Sold