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Thu 18 Oct 2018

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Melanie Paice

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Melanie Paice BA (hons) - Born 1976

I work from observation and then create abstract compositions from the forms. My inspirations are from nature or architecture. There is a great deal of experimentation in my work, often with the process becoming an important aspect. I enjoy exploring what the paint can do as well as adding textures and sometimes objects or stitching to the canvas.

I am fascinated by the power of colour and the effect colour has on moods. I have been very interested in the theories of colour used for healing. Large usage of yellow and orange gives feelings of happiness and energy and yellow & green serenity with nature and hope that the viewer gains this feeling from my work. With many paintings I enlarge an image or view so that it becomes out of context and no longer clear to the viewer.

Graduated De Montfort Collage Leicestershire 1996. Batchelor of Arts
Foundation: St Martins School of Art London 1993
Tate Gallery London - Lecturer from 2002- 2007 - Now Freelance

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Burnham on Sea
Oil on Linen
30cm60"cm, £295

Oil on Canvas
220cmx20cm, SOLD

Pyford II
Pastel on Canford Paper
12"x6" SOLD

Red Rock Les Vitrolles South France
Pastel on Canford Paper
12x6" A4, £135

Pyrford Common Woods Surrey
Pastel on Canford Paper
12"x6" A4, SOLD

Along the Way
Oil on Linen
15"x18", SOLD

Grey Day Lydd-on-Sea
Oil on Canvas
20x20", £395

Oil on canvas
20"x12", SOLD