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Mon 12 Nov 2018

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Julia Whatley

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Julia Whatley attended Winchester School of Art and then Goldsmith’s College after which she successfully exhibited her drawings and paintings as well as undertaking illustration commissions. Her beautiful work has been produced for clients such as The Arts Council, British Airways, Esso, Wiggins Teape, Dorling Kindersley, Veuve Cliquet, The Tatler, The Royal Ballet, Corney and Barrow and many more.

She bravely sketched Marco Pierre White while at work in his kitchen for the book ‘Wild Food from Land and Sea’, and also added richness and style to Rick Steins ‘Fruits of the Sea’.

Her work has a wonderful lightness of touch and can be joyful and inspirational. She works with passion, feels strongly that all children, whatever their background, should have the freedom to explore their creativity and individuality, and for that reason has set up a charity called PETAL in the hope that children’s’ artistic expression may benefit by being nurtured in peaceful surroundings. Julia donates part of what she earns to this cause, and would hope that others will donate too, of their time, and by helpful deeds that bring joy into others’ lives.

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White Horse Pewsey Vale 11
Mixed Media on Cartridge paper
12x15, £125

White Horse 111
Mixed Media on Cartridge paper
12x15, £125

Mixed Media on Cartridge paper
12x13", £195

Mixed Media on Cartridge paper
13"x16", £250

Boats in Harbour
Mixed Media on Cartridge paper
13"x16", SOLD

Giclee on Art Paper
12x15" SOLD

Two Cranes
Giclee on Art Paper
12x15", SOLD

White Horse
Mixed Media on Cartridge paper
13x16, SOLD

Fruits of the Orchard
Mixed Media on Cartridge paper
13x16, £250