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Thu 21 Jun 2018

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Jessica O'Grady

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Jessican O'Grady Born UK 1997

Currently studying at Central Saint Martins, London following the start of my art career at St. Mary’s Calne; I have been travelling the globe seeking out the most intriguing spots it has to offer, transferring them to paint. My work began with a figurative focus, starting with cows and moving to people before expanding in to conceptual spaces. I focus on capturing a moment in time; full of depth, thought and charm. My passion is in creating a characterful and textured piece full of depth and intrigue. My latest series of paintings are from observations from my time at the Tate Gallery London.

Sept 2015 – The Rainbow Charity Art Fair. Nov 2015 –St Mary’s Calne London Exhibition – ‘Past, Present, Future’ October 2012 – Cork Street at St Mary’s Calne ‘Consider the Lillies’

Central St Martins School of Art London

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Piha Above 1
Oil on Canvas
80cmx100, £995

Piha Above 11
Oil on Canvas
80cmx100, £995

Boy in Blue (Tate Series)
Oil on Canvas
100x120cm, SOLD

Pink Coat
Oil on Canvas
100x120cm, SOLD