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Mon 20 Aug 2018

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Haydn Charles

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Haydn Charles

"If you're a musician, why play just rock or jazz?"

Haydn Charles speaks these wise words, safe in the knowledge that he himself has enough artistic diversity to feed a small creative cavalry. Gliding one moment from solitary and haunting Bacon-esque figures in empty rooms, he next sways towards soothing abstract impressionistic landscapes; a great deal occurring in between. His current series, aptly entitled the 'Eros' collection, graces the canvas with an altogether different and rather more daringly seductive tone.

Indulgent reds, cerise and burning amber shadows melt onto his canvasses, and from them step forth the effigies of his models.seductresses reborn from an era of Victorian erotica.

Having studied and specialised in fine art and sculpture in the 1980's, Haydn Charles has spent many years acquiring his inspirational and diverse trademark styles. Never growing stale, the popularity of his work emanates throughout the art world, having exhibited in such galleries as The Barbican, Olympia and Hammersmith in London to name a few.

Now residing in West Yorkshire, Charles' approach has always been about giving life and breath to an eclectic collage of different styles. His works range from contemporary to traditional, moving effortlessly from abstract to impressionist, as if acting as a completely different artist every time.

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Blue Feathers
Oil on Canvas
12"x12", SOLD

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Original Artworks

Mixed media on canvas Box Board
45x32", £1,250

Watercolour on Parchment
10x8, £395

Watercolour on Parchment
10x8, SOLD

Watercolour on Parchment
10x8, SOLD

Watercolour & Mixed Media
10"x8", SOLD

Mixed Media on parchment
22"x18", SOLD

Oil on Canvas
36"x48" SOLD

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