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Thu 18 Oct 2018

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Gabriela Otero - Brazil

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Gabriela Otero – Born Brazil 1977

After studying the Arts at the acclaimed school of Buenos Aires Prilidiano Puyrredón, Gabriela then worked in Education and Stage Scenery. Her experiences with several artistic disciplines, as well as sculpture had led her to producing stunning works over the past five years winning major prizes. Her latest sculptures are made of bronze or aluminum casting mounted as glass relief pieces, which are quite stunning.

Gaby looks to recreate that non -rational human condition, the swollen fiber of a muscle or the exuberance of movement in dance in particular the Tango.

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Reclining Series
Bronze or Aluminum
7"x4", £195

Reclining 3
Bronze or Aluminum
7"x4", £195

Reclining 4
Bronze or Aluminum
7"x4", £195

Male Torso
Bronze Sculpture on Virofusion glass
9"x4", SOLD

Aluminum Sculpture on Marble Stand
6"x4", SOLD

Mini Male Nude Torso
Aluminum Sculpture on Marble
9"x6", SOLD

Two sides of a Woman
Aluminum Sculpture
8"x3", SOLD

Lying Nude
Aluminum on Marble
16 x 11x 3 cm., SOLD

Tall Female Sculpture
Aluminum on Marble
12"high x 3" wide, SOLD

Tall Female
Aluminum on Marble
12"x3", SOLD

Mini Winged Man
Aluminum on Marble Stand
9" highx3", SOLD

Men & Women
On Marble Plynth

Bronze Resin
12" High SOLD

Glass Relief Sculpture on Glass

12" High, SOLD


Bronze Resin
13" High, SOLD


12" High, SOLD

Tango Eterea
12" High, SOLD

"Adamo 2" Aluminum Releif
Relief Aluminum Sculpture on Vitrovision Glass
16 x 11x 3 cm. , SOLD

"Forza Corva" Bronze Releif
Relief Sculpture on Glass
16 x 11x 3 cm., SOLD

Tall Man
Aluminum on Marble Stand
12" high, SOLD

Tall Men & Women
Aluminum & Bronze
12" High, SOLD