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Tue 27 Jun 2017

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Fiona Pompermaier

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Fiona Pompermaier BA St Martins

I am influenced by the impressionist Claude Monet because he is a master of colour, light and atmosphere. His influences me because of his series paintings in which he captures the various times of day. His later work is more abstracted which Is juxtaposed with his impressionist style. I to find myself reflecting with the same movement. Monet conveyed the fleeting qualities of nature and experimented with bold colour and unconventional compositions which I aspire to achieve.

I am also affected by Jackson Pollock as the leading force behind the abstract expressionist movement. I find his technique of dripping paint direct from the can and the use of knives, trowels and sticks very dynamic. He is himself influenced by the Surrealist movement and his emotions, expression and mood are showcased in his work.

Exhibitions: Brick Lane Gallery, London August 2016 . Montreaux, Switzerland: March 2015 Carrousel de Louvre Art Fair, Carrousel de Louvre, France: May 2014 Art Fair Art Spectrum, Miami, United States of America: February 2013 .International Modern Art Cannes Biennial, Cannes: October 2012 Central Europe Fine Art Biennale, Paris: January: September 2011 Galleries Pall Mall, London,. March 2010 Fine Art Masterpieces, London, May 2009

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A Crowd Draws Near
Acrylic on Canvas
30x40", SOLD

Reflective Semblance
Acrylic on Canvas
30x24, £495

Acrylic on Canvas
40"x30, SOLD

Sequance Shade
Acrylic on Canvas
40"x30, SOLD

Enchanting Belles
Acrylic on Canvas
40"x30, SOLD

Dancing Breeze
Acrylic on Canvas
30x40" SOLD