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Thu 18 Oct 2018

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David J Folley

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David J. Folley B.A. – Born England 1960

David Folley’s paintings are difficult to pin down. They are avant- garde, traditional, figurative abstractions, the one absolute being their very individual style. This latest collection of paintings combines two of Folley’s loves: the sea and the experimentation of manipulating paint upon the canvas. On one Level he is essentially an “English” Painter, although closer inspection reveals facets of other influences drawn from a wide spectrum of Art History. David’s paintings are in response to his desire to continue painting different styles including figurative, landscape and abstract works.

Folley is presently on Sabattical from Middlesex University were he is reading a taught MA in Aesthetic Theory. His oveure is subsquently heavily endebted with his training in Philosophy, Theology and Fine Art.

Recently Folley has completed portrait commissions for Trinity College, Cambridge, and University College Plymouth. Other major commisions include: Plymouth City Council and Endemol UK (a production company for Channel 4).

Folley’s work is represented in private, corporate and Institutional collections.

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Silver Birch
Oil on Canvas
40"x32", £SALE Now £395 (595

Oil on Canvas
40"x32", £SALE Now 300 (495

Blastos Bolbos series
Oil on Canvas
12"x12", £195

Blastos-Bolbos 7
Oil on Canvas
12"x12", £195