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Thu 18 Oct 2018

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Ava Reeves

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Ava Reeves – BA - Born England 1968

She calls her paintings her “slow release paintings“ She relates it to meeting someone for the first time from first impressions with a willingness to explore.

Her work is sometimes exposing and there are hits to its meaning, almost daring the observer to take time, to be puzzled not only about the imagery but also about themselves. I'd imagine that when birds and flowers opened, they were singing the songs of my dead pets."

Indeed, these motifs appear in Ava’s paintings, which are full of natural images and colours that resonate with her heritage. Her work is rich with symbols. There are images she explains, reflect painful, repressed emotions, events and experiences.

Ava has exhibited at the Mall Galleries London, The Royal Society of Artists, Halcyon Gallery London

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Colour Mapping
Oil on Canvas
55"x48" (140x120cm), £1,295

Render Purple
Oil on Canvas
30"x30" (76x76cm), £650

Yellow Mellow
Oil on Canvas
30x40cm, £325

Rhythm Finding Form II
Oil & Mixed Media on canvas
48x48" (123x123cm), £1,495