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Mon 20 Aug 2018

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Amelia Ciriello

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Amelia Ciriello Born UK 1965

Striking & Alluring, Ciriello’s latest body of work seeks to explore the hidden feelings and stories behind each of the women she paints. Fascinated by female faces and the internal and external beauty finds the process of trying to solve their mysteries a rewarding challenge.

Her current interest in geishas, their secretive and reserved nature and tradition appeal to the artists intention to unearth mysteries through her paintings.

Identity aims to ask questions of our own and others identity: who are we? where are we from? who do we want to be?

These works showcase Amelia as an emerging artist. The investigative responses explore ancestral roots, connections, ideals and beliefs, within cultures and the self.

Cordwainers College BTEC in shoe design part of London College of Fashion

"There is nowhere else in the world that offers the quality of teaching and breadth of creative thinking. Professor Jimmy Choo, OBE"

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Ms Mia
Signed Limited Edition Giclee
39cmx30cm, £99 unframed

Millie Feuille
Oil & Mixed Media on Board Framed
67cmx59cm (26"x33", £1,450 as framed

Maiko Suzi
Oil & Mixed Media on Board Framed
33cmx26cm, SOLD

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas
33cmx33cm, SOLD

Geisa Mai
Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas
33cmx26, £395

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas
33cmx26, SOLD

Signed Limited Edition
38cmx33cm, £125

Black Hat
Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas
33cmx26, £395

Signed Limited Edition
12"x6", £99

Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas
9"x6", ££295 as framed