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Thu 18 Oct 2018

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Alain Magallon - France

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Alain Magallon BA - Born - Paris France 1962

My paintings are mainly influenced by pop art and religious paintings.The subjects are painted in oil and are inspired by religious paintings of the past whose anachronistic and metaphorical symbols contrast with the graphic backgrounds which are painted in acrylic. They are often represented in static and devoted or illuminated poses which tend to ask the question of faith ( is god outside or within us ? ) in the contemporary painting. The goal is to produce a duality or imbalance between the neoclassical frozen or theatrical pose of the models and the association of the matter and the colours.

Sometimes the subjects fascination with their own image tends to duplicate or multiply themselves like the proverbial Russian dolls. Once again I try to picture a society where the absence of mysticism is replaced by narcissistic tendencies.

Media: Acrylic background Figures in Oil. BA Hons Degree: Beaux Art Montpellier

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L'Homme a la Moto
Oil on Canvas

Un Petit Peut
Oil on Canvas
14"x14", £POA

Liquid Metal Aluminum
Oil on Canvas
60cmx60cm, £SALE Now 295 (395

Liquid Metal Chrome
Oil on Canvas
70cmx70cm, £SALE Now 295

Liquid Metal Platinum
Oil on Canvas
70cmx70cm, SOLD

Liquid Metal Silver
Oil on Canvas
70cmx70cm, £SALE Now 295

Liquid Metal Titanium
Oil on Canvas
70cmx70cm, SOLD

Oil on Canvas
42"x32", SOLD

Abstract Bags
Oil on Canvas
30"x40", SOLD