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Tue 31 Mar 2015

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Sally Trueman

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Sally Trueman is known internationally for her work through exhibitions with various galleries worldwide. Many of her pastels are now held in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the world. Her oil paintings are much sought after.

Lucy Holden, contemporary art critic in New York, once described Sally Trueman’s paintings " an alluring journey into the artist's forbidden psychic."

Sally Trueman’s new work, 2010, oil on canvas, are fresh and inspiring the texture of the paint having an almost sculptured feeling. She uses no other medium other than oil paint and turpentine. Her paintings are assembled from elements extracted from many different sources including her drawings and photographs from previous exhibitions.

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The Kiss II
Pastel on Art Paper
16"x20" SOLD

Pastel on Art Paper
14"x19" SOLD

Wait for me
Pastel on Art Paper
16"x20" SOLD

In the Water
Pastel on Art Paper
16"x20" SOLD

Nobody Here!
Pastel on Art Paper
16"x20" SOLD

Pastel on Art Paper
20x16 SOLD

Testing the water
Pastel on Art Paper
16x"x16" SOLD

White Sun Hat II
Pastel on Art Paper
16"x23" SOLD

Pastel on Card
Commissions painted from a quality photo) Contact McNeill Gallery for quotes
20"x18", £POA

Pastel on Card
24"x16", £POA

Zinedine Zidane
Pastel on Card
24"x16", SOLD

Mixed Media/Oil & Pastel
24"x16" SOLD

Boardroom Portrait
Oil on Canvas
40"x32" Commissions from, £2,000

Lady - Black Hat
Oil on Canvas
24"x20" Commissions from, £1,495