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Fri 27 May 2016

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Robert Bialek

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Robert Bialek – Born 1983 Poland

Recently I have developed my landscape style and have drawn huge pleasure from discovering the English City Scape as I did in Poland with my Wood Cuts.

My Figurative painting is a placement of the male form in traditional poses which captures the vulnerability of the subject whilst exposing the preconceived ideas of beauty in the male form.

At first glance it may seem glamorous like a magazine, however my use of brush strokes are symbolic of the turbulent narrative.

Portraiture enables me to discover how I fit into main-steam society and reinforces sinister laws of gender.

Student at the Polish Arts University Warsaw
Acrylic on Canvas

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Above the Clouds - Brazil
Acrylic on canvas
12"x12", SOLD

Copacabana Sunset
Acrylic on canvas
13"x13", SOLD

Golden Sunset
Oil on Canvas
30"x40", SOLD

Sky at Dusk
Oil on Canvas
40"x30", SOLD

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