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Sun 29 Nov 2015

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Paul Ballard

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Paul John Ballard - Born England 1960

Paul John Ballard is an internationally acclaimed artist. In his earlier art career Ballard worked at Elstree Film studios on backdrops for the Glyndebourne Opera House and the Royal Opera House giving him the confidence to approach art galleries, one of his first being the McNeill Gallery.

He also completed murals for clubs, hotels, restaurants and pubs in the UK and the USA, including a well-known chain of restaurants where he was commissioned to paint large murals on the walls of their Public Houses across London.

In 2002 Ballard formed a limited company along with his brother and enlisted the help of Andrew Weston Smith. Since then Paul has produced some stunning bronze sculptures most of which were commissions, his latest being Adam and Eve, a life sized sculpture which is now held in a private collection in Germany

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Bronze Sculpture - Mail order service anywhere in the World
44"x12" (110cmx30cm, £POA

Girl Kneelig
This Bronze Sculpture was stolen from the gallery at a recent exhibition in Bermondsey Street, if you come into contact with anyone selling please contact police and or the gallery
3"x10", £POA

Bronze Sculpture
5"x7", £POA