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Fri 9 Dec 2016

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Pat Ames

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Pat Ames – Born 1953 England -

"Painting is a wonderful medium for emotion; I see my art as the creation of feeling and energy - bright, passionate and thought provoking, organically inspired by colour, texture and emotion.

Pat's pictures are unique and can go through many transformations – a painting which may have started using one colour or specific painting technique, may be completely different to the finished work – this is what Pat refers to as her 'organic' process.

Her paintings are upbeat and colourful which she hopes exude both passion and vibrancy, yet having the ability to grab attention and compel the viewer.

Style/Medium: Abstract -Acrylic on Box Canvas

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City Reflection
Acrylic on Canvas
36"x48", £395

Acrylic on Canvas
30"x30", SOLD

Acrylic on Canvas
40"x30", £395

Ribbons in the Sky- For Commissions please contact the gallery
Acrylic on Canvas
32"x32", £295

Tulips in the Sky
Acrylic on Canvas
24"x36", £295

Three Poppies (Triptych)
Acrylic on Canvas
16"x16"x3 , £395