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Tue 25 Oct 2016

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Lorna Wilson

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Lorna Wilson -Born 1967

Jamaican-born Lorna Wilson has lived and worked in England for most of her life. She first studied Fine Art painting at Kingston University in Surrey where she obtained a 1st class BA (Hons) degree. She then went on to study Fine Art at postgraduate level at the Royal Academy Schools in London under the tutorship of Norman Adams RA and Jennifer Durrant RA, graduating in 1992.

Committed to her craft, she continues steadily to develop her skills as a bold colourist and this is evident throughout the body of her work. Her abstract paintings display a strong sense of integrity.

Great attention is paid to the quality of the painting surfaces – the repeated application and removal of many layers of paint result in the history of the work being visible, as all the changes in composition and colour are unapologetically shown. Textural surfaces are juxtaposed with smooth planes and glazes on each canvas.

"The distinctive use of colour in my work is a statement of identity, reflecting the visualisation of the external world mediated by internal feelings. Each painting is a very long journey for me, evolving over a period of time. It is through overpainting and wiping back that my work is achieved. The gems of light and colour are built on continually changing foundations."

Lorna continues to exhibit her work both nationally and internationally. Her work is represented in numerous public, private and corporate collections around the world and has been used on the cover of a number of publications.

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Work in Progress- Next Exhibtion 21st May McNeill Gallery
Oil on Canvas

Variations on a Theme River No 6
Oil on Canvas
61cmx76, £1,495

Variations on a Theme River No 10
Oil on Canvas
61cmx76, SOLD

Variations on a Theme 3
Oil on Canvas
26"x36", £1,695

Variations on a Theme 1
Oil on Canvas
26"x36", SOLD

Variations on a Theme 2
Oil on Canvas
67cmx92cm, £1,695

Variations on a Theme 5
Oil on Canvas
90cmx60cm, £1,450

Variations on a Theme 1
Oil on Canvas
24x30, £1,300

Remembrance series II
Oil on Canvas
30"x40", £1,295

Remembrance series III
Oil on Canvas
30"x40", £1,295

View of the Downs
Oil on Canvas
20"x20", SOLD

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