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Fri 18 Apr 2014

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John Holmes

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John Holmes. 1935 - 2011 England. Surrealist Painter

His first one man show was at the Raille Gallery Islington in 1961 followed by years of many successful shows at some of the world's top galleries in the USA, Europe and the UK.

At this time, he also worked as an art Director in Advertising and spent many years illustrating for top publishing houses throughout the world including Paladin where he designed and painted the famous book jacket for Germaine Greer's book, "Female Eunuch". Among some of his other most notable illustrations John also designed the Book Jacket for Jaws.

Among some of the worlds leading surrealist painters, John takes much of his inspiration from Salvador Dali as well as Rene Magritte.

Society of Illustrators New York Award
Royal Society of Arts Award The Female Eunuch

It is with regret that we announce the death of John Holmes on Wednesday 17th August 2011 in Norfolk.

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John Holmes at the Retrospective Exhibition "Time Flies"

John Holmes "Time Flies

Stan & Olly !
Oil on Board
25"x18", £2,000

Beethoven II
Oil on Board
56"x60", SOLD

Oil on Board
17"x20", SOLD

Ceci Nest Pas un Magritte
Oil on Canvas
36"x32", £2,000

Pork Over..
Oil on Board
20"x17", SOLD

Illustration from the Book Cover, Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer

Another Time
Oil on Board
22"x25", £1,500

Forget Me Knot.. (Elephant)
Acrylic on Canvas
40"x51", £3,995

Dali Clock
Acrylic on Canvas
51"x40", SOLD

Make Up - (Robot)
Oil on Board
14"x12", SOLD

Index of The Mind..
Oil on Board
16"x16", SOLD

Jerusalem in a Glass
Acrylic on Board Framed
14"x17", £795

Jerusalem Time
Acrylic on Board Framed
17"x13", £795

Anatomy of a Discuss Athelete
Acrylic on Board
28"x22" SOLD

The Third Man
Charcoal & Mixed Media on Art Board Framed
24"x18", £1,395

Acrylic on Board
12"x16", SOLD

While my Guitar Gently Weeps (Homage John Lennon)
Acrylic on Canvas
40"x31", £3,000

Long Island- Paula Gosling
Oil on Art Board
18"x22", £795

Poker Player
Acrylic on Art Board
22"x15" SOLD

Female Eunuch - This classic image may not be copied or reproduced without the artists permission
Oil on Board
25"x18" SOLD

Karl Marc
Oil on Board

The Bed
Oil on Canvas
6ftx7.6ft, £15,995

Breaking Away
Oil on Board
36"x24" SOLD

Continents Meet..Indian & African Elephants
Acrylic on Board
18"x24", SOLD

Nude Asending
Oil on Canvas
3ftx2.6ft, £8,000

Time Flies - Click here to see selection of Limited Edition Prints
Oil on Board
16"x16" SOLD

Desmoiselle D'Avigonon
Oil on Canvas
4ftx5ft, £13,995

Le Boulevardier (Dali)
Oil on Canvas
2.6ftx3.5ft, SOLD

Running Through
Acrylic on Board
24"x18", SOLD

Man and His Symbols
Acrylic on Board
15"x10", SOLD

Ax Victim
Acrylic on Canvas
40"x30", SOLD

Toccata (Piano)
Acrylic on Board
30"x40", £8,000

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