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Fri 18 Apr 2014

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Inge Clayton FRSA 1942 - 2010

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Inge Clayton - FRSA. Austria - It is with deep sorrow that we have to tell you, Inge died on Sunday July 17th 2010

It is naturally assumed that works of art that exalt the eroticism of the female body must have originated in the eyes of man: Inge Clayton and her passion for the human form prove this assumption wrong.

British critics are often quick to point out the European heritage in this painters work and have likened her to artists such as Otto Dix, Kokoshka, and George Grosz, but her nudes are sensuous and painterly in style, very much her own. Her figures may look unabashed and or a little startled, Her restless energy has turned to sculpting the human figure and horses, a further affirmation to her ability.

Inge was a frequent exhibitor at the Royal Academy. Other notable exhibitions include The Royal Society of Art, Art for Equality, at the IC and Kunsthaus Schaller Stutgart. She has had many commissions by notable collectors world wide.

Media: Oil on panel, canvas and Perspex - Etchings
Camden School of Art - Batchelor of Arts - Royal Society of Art - F.R.S.A.

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Blue Stockings
Oil Pastel on Art paper
23"x14", £995 Framed

Oil on Plexi Glass Reversed
50cmx30cm (20"x13", £POA

The Last Supper
Oil & Acitate on Board
30"x23"x3, £POA

The Poet & The Muse
Oil & Acitate on Canvas
46"x32" (74cmx112cm), £POA

Mixed Media Collage on Canvas
19"x23", £POA

Red Toe Nails
Oil on Art Paper
27"x24", £995

Three Girls
Mono Print - Dry Point Etching
19"x23", SOLD

Oil on Plexi Glass Reversed
32"x24", £1,395

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Dry Point Etching
19"x23", £595

The Card 11
Dry Point Etching
25"x12", £450 framed

Ace of Diamonds
Oil on Canvas
46"x30", £3,500

Ace of Spades
Oil on Canvas
46"x30", £3,500

Ace of Hearts I
Oil on Canvas
46"x30", SOLD

Ace of Hearts II
Oil on Canvas
46"x30", £3,500

Ace of Clubs
Oil on Canvas
46"x30", £3,500

Sketch for Tina
8"x6" Framed 16"x12", £395

Sketch for Isabella
8"x6" Framed 16"x12" , SOLD

Sketch for Madam
8"x6" Framed 16"x12", £395

The Pianist
Oil on Panel
40"x28", SOLD

Date on a Horseback
Oil on Board
36"x24", SOLD

Oil on Paper
36"x24", SOLD

Oil on Board
24"x24", SOLD

Fish II
Oil on Panel
28"x18", SOLD

Venus & Cupid
Dry Point Etching
25x14", £495

The Poet & The Actress
Dry Point Etching
20"x20", £695 framed

Dry Point Etching
20"x17", £495

Chez Mme Hardy
Aquatint etching
22"x14", SOLD

Sepia Nude I
Reverse litho
12"x15", £395 set

Sepia Nude II
Reverse litho
12"x15", £395 set

Two Actresses
Oil on Paper
36"x24", SOLD

Oil on Panel
36"x12", £2,225

Salsa Ladies
Oil on Perspex
36"x24", SOLD

Three Graces
Dry Point Etching 7/12
20"x20", £595 framed

Late Supper
Dry Point Etching
30"x30", £POA

Night Creatures
Dry Point Etching
27"x30", £POA

The Card 1
Dry Point Etching - Last Copies
25"x12", SOLD

Tarts with Glasses
Signed Etching Artist Proof
20"x20", SOLD

Demoiselles D'Avignon
Etching Artist Proof
20"x20", SOLD


21"x14", SOLD

Life is but a Hound Dog..
Aquatint Etching Artist Proof
23"x21", SOLD

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