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Sat 27 Aug 2016

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Elaine Moynihan Lisle

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Elaine Moynihan Lisle – American Realist Born 1958 USA.

Think of Elaine Lisle as Philadelphia's very own Edward Hopper. Instead of chronicling the every day existence Elaine uses her soft but realistic voice to paint pictures of the city and countryside. Her forte is action in the landscape. She inhabits her paintings with people even the rural scenes posses a certain gesture of presence. Elaine Lisle reiterates a sense of movement and life in her actual painting style, which renders the landscape an animated object in its crisp bold brushwork.

Elaine Lisle's paintings are sold and collected worldwide.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Academic Distinction, Benjamin Franklin Scholar University of Pennsylvania

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Fields Nr Gaillac
Oil on Panal
9"x13", £695 set (Sale 400 Set SALE 400

Fields Nr Gaillac II
Oil on Panal
9"x13", £as framed

Schull Harbour
Oil on canvas