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Fri 9 Dec 2016

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Afshin Naghouni

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Afshin Naghouni – Born Tehran 1969

Ash, as he is better known, does not follow any particular style of painting. He enjoys the freedom to express himself as the mood takes him, he says that through his love of painting he can really express his inner self and sometimes he surprises himself with the end result on canvas. Afshin does not like to be pinned down to a style, however, if one had to choose, it would have to be cubist. Figures, colour and shape can affect what and how he paints on canvas, even dull over-cast days to bright sunshine and even music playing in the back round can develop a painting.

He initially studied art at the University of Tehran choosing to concentrate on the works of Vermeer, Rembrandt, Raphael, and Cezanne preparing himself for further development. He believes the artist that has most influenced him is Cezanne.

His last exhibition in Tehran was a sell-out and he now lives and exhibits full time in UK .

Media: Oil on Canvas

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Oil on Canvas
40"x30", £895

Breeze II
Oil on Canvas
36"x48", SOLD

Still Life Cloth
Oil on Canvas
40x40", SOLD

Blue Lady
Oil on Canvas
40"x30", SOLD

The Couple II
Oil on canvas
40"x25", SOLD

Still Life with Violin II
Oil on Canvas
40"x36", SOLD

Sitting Nude
Oil on Canvas
40"x30", SOLD

Oil on Canvas
34x30", SOLD

Cubist Figure
Oil on Canvas
40"x30", SOLD

The Beginner II
Oil on Canvas
30"x30", SOLD

The Beginner I
Oil on Canvas
34"x34", SOLD

Still Life with Violin
Oil on Canvas
31"x31", SOLD